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Why use Professional Résumé Writers?


Professional résumé writers know how to do 'you'. We know how to showcase your strengths and downplay your weaknesses, and we know what the job market is looking for in an employee. We know these things because we take the time to understand what motivates you - we get to know you, and the end goals for your résumé.

Welcome to Résumé29 where we do 'you' better

We are so glad you found us. And we know you’ll be thrilled about it too, because our professional résumé writers write powerful résumés that level your competition... not your wallet.

Why don’t we charge more?

We’re an open, transparent bunch, so I’m going to level with you - I know what it’s like to struggle to put food on the table. Working, and earning enough money to comfortably support you and yours is vital. My desire to help people move forward in their careers will continue to be a huge motivator for me - it's something I take very seriously. And since you're here right now, I know you do, too.

So, I wanted to offer something valuable—something helpful and compelling—and that is how Résumé29 was born.

You’ll love how we’re different. Our unique résumé service offers a range of  products designed by us to make a big impact while keeping costs to a minimum. Sounds good, right? If you read to the end, I’ve got even more to tell you.

But first things first...

What are you trying to achieve with a new résumé?

  • Is it a tool to help you switch careers? 
  • Are you preparing for your next step up the corporate ladder?
  • Are you fresh to the working world and ready to see what’s out there?
  • Or, are you simply thinking, I’ve got bills to pay. And we need to eat?

And, in what state is your résumé right now?

Okay. Do you even have a résumé?

If so,

  • Is it like a rainbow with the promise of a pot of gold at the end?
  • Did you pepper your résumé with flashy full-colour graphics and creative fonts?
  • Did you invest in a professional head-shot to place front and centre on your résumé?
  • Does it read like a novel with 5 or more pages, dating back to before the dawn of man? Or,
  • Are you still carting around the crumpled old piece of paper you banged out on an old typewriter during school study period? Be honest: is that still masquerading as your grown-up résumé?

“Yes!” I hear your shamed cry.

Fear not. Dust off your sad, tired, or non-existent résumé, and let’s chat. Résumé29 is here to save the day!

How can professional résumé writers help you?

You know why you need a professional résumé writer. You know how we can change the job-seeking game for you. You know we’ve got a wallet-friendly solution. Now, you’re ready to reach out.

There can’t possibly be even more in this for you, right? Well, for starters:

  • Our system will save you time and money, without ever compromising on results.
  • We can teach you to write powerful résumé for yourself, your friends, and your family saving you even more.
  • And with more practice, you might decide to become a professional résumé writer too.  We can teach you that as well.

What do you want to get out of it?

Do you want to stick with the status quo, sending out average résumés and wondering why you never hear back?

Or, do you want to take your job-seeking game to the next level with a professionally written résumé, strong support, and increased potential?

The choice is yours.

What are you waiting for?  Email Résumé29 today. 

Let our professional résumé writers guide you towards a brighter future