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My Cashier Resume Sample is a simplified version, giving you a basic outline to kick start ideas for your own resume.  You already understand the importance of selling yourself.  Delve deep into your work history and showcase any outstanding achievements i.e., you saved the company x amount of $$$ by implementing new procedures - something to that effect.

Use quantifiable proof mentioned above and opt for a professional, classic, and attractive layout.

Note that this Cashier Resume Sample, indeed all these samples, are basic and in no way do they represent what your own resume could be and should be. With each example page I add a quick “how to” at the end that teaches you how to adjust these samples to make them your own.

Use these samples as inspiration to get you off on the right foot—and best of all, they are free.

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a cashier resume sample to help you

I have also added a plain text version of the Cashier Resume Sample below.

26 Mill Road, Gardens, Cape Town, 8820
T: (+27) 83 810 4639

Cashier dedicated to providing exemplary service building rapport with colleagues and customers alike within in a department store environment. Diligence, reliability, and attention to detail are guaranteed. 


Woolworths Food and Clothing: Cashier (Jan 2019 – Sep 2020)
Welcoming people into the store and ensuring that they have a favourable shopping experience. Answering any store-related queries, informing customers of specials and exciting new stock. Ensuring the payment process runs smoothly by implementing speed and efficiency at the till.

Responsibilities included: 

  • Training new employees and assisting in their mentoring
  • Advising staff of preferred protocols and necessary tasks within the job description
  • Assisting with administrative duties where required

Boardmans Cape Town: Cashier (Feb 2017 – Dec 2018)

Assisting other staff and managers wherever necessary, interchanging daily tasks. Overseeing the set-up and maintenance of floor displays and advertisements. Available to attend to any customer or staff queries.

Responsibilities included: 

  • Ensuring the store is kept clean and orderly
  • Restocking shelves and assisting in the maintenance of store aisles
  • Taking note of customer requests and passing them on to management 

Clicks Bath and Body: Cashier (Jan 2015 – Jan 2017)

Adhering to store security protocols and ensuring all necessary precautions are taken. Documenting daily till amounts and monitoring the safekeeping of cash. Assisting in administrative work and the up-skilling of new employees.

Responsibilities included:

  • Restocking shelves and assisting in the maintenance of store aisles
  • Taking note of customer requests and passing them on to management
  • Redesigning window displays and acquiring new products for the store


  • Well-developed customer service skills especially when dealing with in-store difficulties
  • Trained in all POC equipment, cashier registers and payment software 
  • Good with numbers and administrative work
  • Instrumental in bringing in new sales
  • Young, fit, and healthy and able to stand for long periods 


Certificate III Retail and Customer Service


1.          Set aside several hours to write a powerful resume.
2.          You will need quiet space and a computer with Word (recommended) or similar.
3.          Use job descriptions and old resumes to jog your memory.
4.          Is this a career change for you? What skills can you transfer over?
5.          Expand on your duties in detail. 
6.          Ensure the layout is attractive
7.          Write a compelling summary.
8.          Use bullet points.
9.          Proofread for sense, accuracy, spelling, and grammar x 3.
10.      Add a well-written cover letter using your strengths to target the role on offer.

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