My Favourite Free Resume Builders

Thinking about trying some free resume builders? Let’s look at the pros and cons together.


If you're computer savvy, with a strong command of the English language, using this kind of online software can save you time and money. Another added bonus is that you don't need great document presentation skills - it's all done for you. Even better, many offer access to job boards where you can apply directly to jobs in your area.

If you're somebody who likes to have more control and are confident enough to have a go yourself, I've lined up a few of my favourites just for you. One or two I have used myself, some have been recommended to me and some I partner with. But before you take that leap, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right resume builder for you.


  • While there are many free resume builders out there, they’re often free for a short time only. Others will try to sell you on an upgrade. The good news is the choice is yours. The bad news suggests you may face issues cancelling your account and/or getting a refund.
  • Also, over the years I have noticed that resume builders come and go. What might be available to you one year, may not be there the next. Don’t fret, there are always plenty around for you to try.
  • Many use flashy, graphic-heavy templates - this includes portraits and headshots. They look great but may not pass the gatekeeper (or the software that many companies use to filter candidates). This same software will also block documents that use a lot of tables and columns when formatting.

It is of paramount importance that you read the job description thoroughly, looking for any keywords you can use to refine your resume. Also, you must be able to proofread for sense, spelling and grammar - and have someone else available to check it as well.

Always send a well-crafted cover letter - this is a great opportunity to further highlight your strengths and eagerness for the role. Follow with a thank you email or letter – not only is this polite but it will leave a great impression.

And finally:

Content is king
. Focus on producing a well-written document that promotes your strengths, in a clear and compelling manner. 

My Choice of Free Resume Builders

Simple prompts and a 3-step process make this a user-friendly option. Beautifully designed. Helpful tips and free downloads.  Offering a 7-day trial period for all premium accounts.

Resumonk - Online Resume Builder & Beautiful Resume Templates

Loads of features and zero hosting costs may make up for the obvious Resumonk watermark left behind and muddled experience. Clear cut pricing for premium accounts which means no nasty surprises. Professional design templates and useful editing tools encourage excellent results.

Despite some limiting design options and VisualCV watermark left on all free accounts, VisualCV templates target a variety of industries with the ability to import your current resume. LinkedIn login. Premium options offer upgrades to third party services.