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Professional Resume Sample

This professional resume sample is a guide only. It doesn’t matter which style you use, be it the Chronological, Functional or Combination (Hybrid) format, your tone and layout should always be a professional one. Use your history and skill set to flesh out your resume, opting to market your achievements early.

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A Professional Resume Sample to Get You Started

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715 Robert Road, Cambridge
M: 07633 892 541
E: A.Fishton@gmail.com

Strategically-minded Industrial Engineer with experience in production and manufacturing optimization improving outcomes within short time frames. Focused on streamlining production processes, maximizing return on investment through effective management. Experience using AutoCAD, MATLAB, Simul8 and all Microsoft Office programs. 


* BSC in Industrial Engineering, Cambridge University 2004
* Risk Assessment in the Workplace Level 3 Diploma 2005  
* Industrial Safety & Procedure Management course
* Member of the Industrial Engineers Association 


* Risk assessments and statistics-based process control
* Safety standards and ROI maximization        
* Control processes, costs, and supply chain organization
* 5S, LEAN manufacturing and Kaizen processes 


Industrial Engineer - Cambridge Incorporated, Cambridgeshire Jun 2015 to present

Set the objective to create a larger quantity of plastic products to tight deadlines, quality was improved throughout the process, ensuring regulations were met and quality was not compromised. Existing production lines and methods were analyzed for efficiency, creating development plans using KAIREN and LEAN techniques. Working with numerous departments including finance, marketing and admin, materials were made to grow the training process as well as highlighting the importance of policy procedures and safety regulations.

Highlights included:

* Reducing the amount of wasted time throughout the production process, ensuring maintenance was scheduled at optimum times

* Achieving a marked 12% growth in efficiency and product quality through work alongside company owners to develop Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

* Utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) to increase the speed and quality of the production process as a whole

* Reducing costs by 19% while keeping the same level of quality on average. This money was then re-invested to increase the production threshold. 

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