Resume Cover Letter Template

This Resume Cover Letter Template or sample gives you an idea of what a cover letter should look like and how it should read.

A successful cover letter opens doors. It’s often the first document a potential employer will read, that is why it is important that you use this opportunity to further promote your suitability as a potential employee – please do not leave it to chance. Before you write your cover letter, however, you must complete the resume writing process first. This ensures you have gathered all the necessary information and “ammunition” to write a powerful cover letter.

Let’s look at the following example:

A Resume Cover Letter Template - make it your own

Often people focus on the “look” of their cover letter and resume so let’s address that first. By now you have already completed your resume, tweaking it until you are truly happy with the result.  Only then move on to the cover letter.  The great thing is you can now copy the layout and formatting, transferring it directly to your cover letter. Easy peasy.

Simply use the “save as” function in Microsoft Word (or similar) and give it a new name i.e., “Joe Blog’s Cover Letter”. Retain the heading with your name and contact details then begin the writing process.

Always add the current date and do your best to find the full contact details of the person you are writing to, which are often found in the application instructions or simply by calling the contact person to find out. Also, highlight the exact name of the position being offered.

Start strong using language that compels the recipient to read further. Use language and keywords used in the job advertisement to lightly pepper your cover letter - as you would throughout the resume as well.  Companies will often use special scanning software to filter your documents for these keywords, weeding out applications that do not fit the role. Highlight any achievements or strengths you feel are relevant to the role.  And remember to express your keen desire to join their company, closing with a polite call to action.

Remember it’s okay to sell yourself, in fact, it’s imperative – just don’t go overboard. 

Well done, you’re now armed with all the tools you need to take through to the interview stage.

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