Sales Resume Sample

This Sales resume sample is a simplified version, giving you a basic outline to kick start ideas for your own resume.  As the title Sales Manager suggests, you already understand the importance of selling yourself. That is what the job entails. Delve deep into your work history and showcase any outstanding achievements i.e., you saved the company x amount of $$$ by implementing new procedures - or something to that effect.

Use quantifiable proof mentioned above and opt for a professional, clean and attractive layout as well.

A Sales Resume Sample:
Offer them Proof of Your Abilities

Use this resume sample as inspiration to get you off on the right foot—and best of all, it's free.

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Below is a plain text version of the sales resume sample to compare the difference.

172 High Street, London, NW13 7AH
T: 01728 745 217 

Senior Sales Manager with a proven track record of closing large-scale sales within tough markets. Able to grow client base while keeping a continuous pipeline of multimillion-pound clients and future business. Particularly enjoys securing new business, building an effective rapport with external agencies and team members, as well as training and leading team members towards personal growth and record-breaking sales. 

* Leadership skills
* Sales strategies
* Business development   
* Presentation skills
* Multimillion-pound sales
* Introduction of new services 


Senior Sales Manager
Resolution Sales Inc Jan 2016 to Present 

Management of all sales development and closing. Employees and account management. Negotiating with stakeholders to take leads through to sales while undertaking order fulfilment. Training of individuals, teams, and budget allocation. Negotiating and closing of deals. Sales of hardware, software, and patented technology on a mass scale. Building relationships with many of the world’s largest brands, programmers, and suppliers. Creating a continuous pipeline of customers through an effective sales strategy.

* Full responsibility for a business with an annual turnover in excess of £135 million
* Introduced three new departments and grew sales by more than 60%
* Grew revenue by 95% over two years
* Exceeded all objectives set within three months of undertaking role 

Director of Sales
UP Standard Magazines Oct 2014 to Dec 2015

Continuous business developments meant opportunities were quickly turned into profit. Training of all new staff members, creating a team which regularly exceeded targets. Liaising with distributors and external agencies to meet business objectives. Identifying, targeting, and penetrating potential avenues of revenue. Negotiating and designing high-cost proposals and sales with corporate business goals. Adapting procedures to ensure franchisees receive top service and sales support. 

* Managing all 73 franchises in the South West region, totalling sales in excess of £130 million
* Opening 17 new franchises throughout time at Up standard Magazines
* #1 salesperson consistently throughout employment
* Reduced business cost by 25% while increasing profit by 65%


MBA in English Literature | Member of the Global Association of Sales since 2013
Sales and Pipeline training course 2012 | Member of Sales Accreditation since 2011

10 Tips to Remember When Writing
Your Sales Resume Sample

  1. Set aside several hours to write a powerful resume.
  2. You will need quiet space and a computer with Word (recommended) or similar.
  3. Use job descriptions and old resumes to jog your memory.
  4. Is this a career change for you? What skills can you transfer over?
  5. Expand on your duties in detail. 
  6. Ensure the layout is attractive
  7. Write a compelling summary.
  8. Use bullet points.
  9. Proofread for sense, accuracy, spelling and grammar x 3.
  10. Add a well-written cover letter using your strengths to target the role on offer.

Sharron what can I say, you are beyond impressive! With the short time I gave you to prepare my resume, I was blown away with the outlay, the content and how you highlighted all my best points. I have shown your work to a recruitment agency and they were very impressed. Thank you so much for guiding me through the entire experience, you are truly gifted… Wanda Peters of Perth, Western Australia.

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