Teachers Resume Sample

A Teachers resume sample—this is very basic and to be used as a simple guide only. Stick close to a professional format when writing for a career in education. Within the first half of the resume, try to highlight your professional achievements early if applicable. Also, if you want a career as a teacher they expect you to answer Selection Criteria separately, aiming for at least a third of a page per criterion. This is especially important when it comes to applying for government positions.

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Below is a plain text version of the Teachers resume sample to compare the difference.


T: 07325 578 901
E: A.Gosling@gmail.com
17 Turnpike Street, Romford ESSEX RM6 1RE

Physical Education Teacher devoted to encouraging and educating the youth. Passionate about enhancing children’s natural talent, introducing tailored support to facilitate improvement, and placing an importance on teamwork, enjoyment, and a healthy lifestyle. Areas of expertise include football, confidence building, hockey, and long-distance running.


Cambridge University – First Class Degree in Teaching and Education 2013
Level 3 Certified in Encouraging Participation in Sport 2013
11 A* - A grades at A-level 2018
Paediatric and Adult First Aid Certification 2013
Registered Personal Trainer 2012
Certificate of Primary Education   2013


Year Six Teacher
Park Gate School, Chelmsford Aug 2015 to Current

Working within an early learning setting, daily responsibilities include the welfare of all children and continuous planning to ensure development. Teaching across all subjects within curriculum including Physical Education, Maths, English, Science, Art, and Technology.

• Assessing, grading, and creating development plans
• Creation of teaching plans in line with syllabus and OFSTED requirements
• Motivating students through innovative and exciting projects, designed to enhance students’ knowledge
• Liaise with parents, staff, and government bodies to deliver and reinforce education
• Organise resources to create the best possible learning environment, including having external agencies visit

Year Four Teacher
Little Apple Primary, Romford Sep 2013 to Jul 2015

Creating excitement around education, encouraging children to grow in confidence and take part in extra-curricular activities to further their education. Implementation of year four curriculum to meet and exceed each child’s development objectives.

• Regularly took part in courses to further personal development
• Working with children who have SEN to assist with the learning of the curriculum
• Teaching physical education across a variety of sports and disciplines
• Liaising with external agencies to further education plans
• Creation of daily classroom plans to ensure a structured approach to all areas of education 


10 Tips to Remember When Writing
Your Teachers Resume Sample

  1. Set aside several hours to write a powerful resume.
  2. You will need quiet space and a computer with Word (recommended) or similar.
  3. Use job descriptions and old resumes to jog your memory.
  4. Is this a career change for you? What skills can you transfer over?
  5. Expand on your duties in detail. 
  6. Ensure the layout is attractive
  7. Write a compelling summary.
  8. Use bullet points.
  9. Proofread for sense, accuracy, spelling and grammar x 3.
  10. Add a well-written cover letter using your strengths to target the role on offer.

Sharron what can I say, you are beyond impressive! With the short time I gave you to prepare my resume, I was blown away with the outlay, the content and how you highlighted all my best points. I have shown your work to a recruitment agency and they were very impressed. Thank you so much for guiding me through the entire experience, you are truly gifted… Wanda Peters of Perth, Western Australia.

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