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Thank You Letter Sample

This thank you letter sample focuses on what a thank you letter should look like and how it should read.

Much like a cover letter introduces you, a thank you letter can often close the deal. A successful thank you letter - or thank you email - is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression and if it's done right, a good impression so please do not leave it to chance. 

Let’s look at the following thank you letter sample:

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Use this Thank You Letter
Sample to Guide You

By now you have already completed your resume and the cover letter. Once again copy the layout and formatting, transferring it directly to your thank you letter. Use this thank you letter sample as a guide only.

As mentioned in my explanation of a post interview thank you letter, the following points apply:

  1. Send your follow-up letter within 24 hours.
  2. Get your interviewer’s name and use it. If you’re not sure about the spelling, LinkedIn is a good place to start.
  3. With written communication, your grammar and spelling should be impeccable, and your tone should be formal and polished.
  4. Use a formal greeting and start the letter by thanking the interviewer for their time.
  5. Be positive and take a minute to reiterate how you are a suitable fit for this role.
  6. Avoid the copy-and-paste curse. Keep your letter thoughtful and personalised and mention any relevant details or highlights from the interview.
  7. Use your manners. Mention your availability for another meeting, but don’t ask for a second interview outright.
  8. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Typos and auto-correct slips make a poor impression, which is the opposite of what you want. Once you’ve drafted your letter, take a break—when you come back to it, read it again with fresh eyes, fix any mistakes, and send it on its way.

Then use the “save as” function in Microsoft Word (or similar) and give it a new name i.e., “Joe Blog’s Thank You Letter”. Keep the heading with your name and contact details, then begin the writing process.

Always add the current date and highlight the exact name of the position being offered.

Start strong using language that compels the recipient to read further. As with the cover letter and resume, use language and keywords used in the job advertisement to pepper your thank you letter.  Companies will often use special scanning software to filter your documents for these keywords, weeding out applications that do not fit the role.

Thank them for the interview and highlight briefly any achievements or strengths you feel apply to the role.  Mention any relevant points discussed in the interview. And remember to express your keen desire to join their company, closing with a polite call to action.

It’s okay to sell yourself—just don’t go overboard. 

Thank you for looking at my thank you letter sample.  For a full explanation, visit my thank you letter page.

Sharron what can I say, you are beyond impressive! With the short time I gave you to prepare my resume, I was blown away with the outlay, the content and how you highlighted all my best points. I have shown your work to a recruitment agency and they were very impressed. Thank you so much for guiding me through the entire experience, you are truly gifted… Wanda Peters of Perth, Western Australia.

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