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Our dental assistant resume sample is a great starting point to inspire your own writing.

Note that this dental assistant resume sample, and all these samples are very basic and in no way do they represent what your own resume could be and should be. With each sample page I add a quick “how to” at the end that teaches you how to adjust these samples to make them your own.

I've also added a plain text version.

Our Dental Assistant resume sample will help you on your journey

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7183 North Avenue, Manhattan, NY
C: 001 726 182 1667 

Dedicated, personable dental assistant with 6+ years of experience in professional settings. Practiced in radiology, dentistry, sterilization and anaesthetization. Proven track record of patient satisfaction with effective communication, a sound work ethic and passion for providing the best care for every patient.

EDUCATION & LICENCES                  

  • Dentistry Degree from Central University - 2011
  •  Certified Dental Practitioner (Dental Practitioner NB)
  •  Licensed Dental Radiologist
  •  EFDA, CPR and X-Ray trained
  •  Anaesthetization license held


Dental Assistant-Smiles Dental Centre, NY May 2011 – Present

Playing a vital part in every dental procedure, this role has developed over the years, becoming more involved and ensuring the continuous growth of the number of patients and their satisfaction. 

Responsibilities include:

* Briefing and preparation of all patients before, during and after dental procedures

* Carrying out X-Rays and radiographs

* Following all procedures, guidelines and recommendations of best practice

* Preparing all equipment for treatment, ensuring smooth running of procedures

* Accurate logging and clerical documentation of dental procedures and processes

* Having an instrumental role in all dental work

* Working alongside insurance providers to ensure smooth running of funds 

Notable accolades include:

 * Creation of the post-surgery manual, ensuring patients are well-informed and given the best aftercare

* Development of dental surgery environment, growing referred business by 35% and increasing the number of regular patients by 15%

* Receiving 99% patient satisfaction on average through implementing alternative systems and carrying our patient care surveys, using suggestions to improve. 


* 7+ years of dental experience

* Full understanding of dental procedures

* Able to communicate all aspects of any dental treatment to patient

* Excellent interpersonal skills

* Regularly use Microsoft Office  

* Record keeping payments and accurate documentation

* Preparation of filing and extractions

* Able to carry out fillings independently

* Stock control, ordering and understanding requirements


1.      Set aside several hours to write a powerful resume.
2.      You will need quiet space and a computer with Word (recommended) or similar.
3.      Use job descriptions and old resumes to jog your memory.
4.      Is this a career change for you? What skills can you transfer over?
5.      Expand on your duties in detail. 
6.      Ensure the layout is attractive
7.      Write a compelling summary.
8.      Use bullet points.
9.      Proofread for sense, accuracy, spelling and grammar x 3.
10.  Add a well-written cover letter using your strengths to target the role on offer.

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