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Executive resume samples (all our samples are mock ups) and in no way do they represent what your own resume could be and should be. Leave that to the professionals. With each sample page I add a quick “how to” at the end that teaches you how to adjust these samples to make them your own.

Commonsense dictates that an executive resume should have a very professional tone and polished look. Remember to use facts and figures to quantify your achievements.  Expand on your experience and sprinkle a few keywords throughout.

I've also added a plain text version.

Executive resume samples to help you write a powerful marketing tool

Use executive resume samples to set the right tone. Think big or go home!

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Below is a plain text version of the Executive resume samples to compare with.


22 Market Rd, Essex 6010
07727 917 833 

Innovative market leader with experience in structural management with Fortune 500 organizations. Former combat veteran in the British Army, incredibly organized and able to make knowledgeable and high-pressure decisions within short timeframes. Well versed in process analysis, organization and logistics, re-evaluating and overhauling existing operations and improving the smooth-running of any business process. Committed to motivating teamwork and enabling individuals to excel. Proven track record in increasing delivery reliability through the in-depth supply chain and future inventory use prediction.

* Grew efficiency by 17%, saving more than £490,000

* Reduced overtime costings and empty mileage, saving approx. £19,000 every month

* Became the first manager to bring the company to meet 100% of KPIs 


Notable achievements include management and logistics of all British Army distribution, based in 900,000 square-meter headquarters. Organization was paramount, with direct responsibility for over 40,000 items worth approximately £910 million.  Adopting a hands-on approach, other projects have included redesigning entire business strategies, assessing success through data analysis, completely changing, and streamlining all business logistics and ensuring these are implemented through effective team management and decision making. Preferred methods of conducting business include LEAN Six Sigma and Kanban-style project implementation.  


* Operational management

* Team organization

* Logistics and strategy restructuring

* Risk Analysis and avoidance

* Quality control

* Financial forecasting

* Budget control

* Data analysis

* Supply chain and inventory planning

* Project execution 


General Manager - AI Taskforce, Romford, Essex Aug 2012 to Current

Directed operations and recognized for introducing and implementing revolutionary strategies which kept the business at the forefront of technological advances. Analyzing data enables accurate troubleshooting, determining areas of improvement and organization of resources to grow and improve the business while motivating and helping employees to further their areas of expertise. 

Successfully introduced LEAN and Kanban initiatives throughout every process

Reduced cost by almost £2 million in year one through introducing a Manhattan Warehouse Management System. Pinpointed areas of improvement and increased product reliability by 22%, producing measurable improvements which can be scaled to new sites, organizations, and projects.

Created an alternative to “forced overtime”

Minimized waste without sacrificing productivity, reducing the amount of unnecessary labor through the simplification, redesign, and overhaul of previous procedures. Creating a training program to welcome 90+ new members of the team, onboarding processes became simple, familiarizing them with every process and reducing the risk of gaps in knowledge with an in-depth training manual.

Met every KPI through analytics-based performances

Data analysis enabled site upheaval. In the absence of an engineer, KPI metrics were closely measured, noting correlating factors, determining the root cause, and using technology to streamline procedures. Real-time updates were made available for the continuous understanding of targets and what was needed to reach KPIs. In this time, the company achieved 100% of its KPIs for the first time in its history.


1.      Set aside several hours to write a powerful resume.
2.      You will need quiet space and a computer with Word (recommended) or similar.
3.      Use job descriptions and old resumes to jog your memory.
4.      Is this a career change for you? What skills can you transfer over?
5.      Expand on your duties in detail. 
6.      Ensure the layout is attractive
7.      Write a compelling summary.
8.      Use bullet points.
9.      Proofread for sense, accuracy, spelling and grammar x 3.
10.  Add a well-written cover letter using your strengths to target the role on offer.

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