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Thank you for visiting my resume sample list. 

Over the years, I have often been asked by clients to share my resume sample list with them, but because of privacy reasons I could not. This got me thinking about how I could provide this service without infringing on the rights of my clients.

I must admit that I kept putting it off, knowing what a mammoth task it would be to remove all references to ‘real’ people and situations. Finally, however, I relented and with the help of a few colleagues who allowed me the use of their own samples, and some of my more popular resumes, the following list resulted.

Please note that I have split the list in two to make them more manageable as I add more samples.  Visit my free resume sample list L-Z if you need a sample beginning with those letters.


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Select from the free resume sample list and then follow the steps below:

  • First, realise that this will take longer than a few minutes. Set aside several hours, a Saturday afternoon for example, especially if you haven’t got an existing resume to work from.
  • If you are starting from scratch, you will need a pen and paper or if you prefer a computer with Microsoft Word (recommended) or similar.
  • Set the tone. Tailoring the resume to the job you are applying for leads to the best results. Are you applying for a similar role, are you experienced in the job you seek or is this a career change? These are all questions you need to ask to tailor your resume correctly.
  • Set the frame work. Think about your work history and quickly jot down the positions you’ve held, who you worked for and the dates you worked there. Double check details and spelling to ensure accuracy. Some suggest going back only five years, but I disagree.  If you’ve changed jobs often, then this may be okay because you will demonstrate a wide range of skills in that short time-frame. However, if you have been loyal to one employer for over five years, go back further to show experience you’ve gained prior.
  • Now it's time to flesh out your work history. If you have job descriptions for each, you’re lucky. Use them. No job description? Try to get access to them or at the very least, try to research them on the internet. If they are not available, work from memory. The samples here are simplified. Your job is to expand on your duties.
  • For example, a bus driver doesn’t just drive a bus. The driver has to maintain the bus. Learn his route. Keep to time. Run safety checks. Keep records. Ensure the safety of your passengers and other road users. Keep up-to-date with the road rules. Maintain all current licences. The list goes on. I cannot stress the importance of fully detailing your duties. It helps the employer understand exactly what you can do, and it helps you understand your strengths.
  • Ensure the layout is attractive (check through the samples for inspiration) - use bullet points, bold letters, different fonts, and colour etc. Do not use photographs unless your job requires it.  The average resume is 3 pages long, maybe more for certain industries—and shorter in the US.
  • Then, after you have completed all the above, it is now time to write your summary.  Why? Because now you have all the information, you need to do it justice. You know your strengths and you can now write a concise yet powerful paragraph that will compel the reader to seek an audience with you. This paragraph goes at the beginning of the resume, after your name and contact details.
  • If you have identified specific skills, you can add bullet points shortly following the summary i.e., Advanced Microsoft Suite Experience, Quickbooks Accounting Software, Multi-lingual including Mandarin and Russian, etc.
  • Are you happy with the result? Good. Now proofread it twice for flow (do dates etc match up). Check spelling and grammar - twice. Ask someone you trust to proofread it. Then use an online programme like Grammarly to check again. Then let it rest overnight and go back the next day fresh-eyed and check again—you will be surprised at what you find.
  • Only then are you ready to apply. And don’t forget the cover letter, these are just as important as resumes in ensuring you are short-listed.

Guess what? You’re done. Now all you have to do is keep your resume up-to-date with each fresh job. Refresh your cover letter using the same format you designed the resume with. Tailor both to the job on offer. Don't be afraid to change formats as your career choices change and come back to my free resume sample list as and when you need to. This way you will always be ready to submit your application early, staying one step ahead of the rest.

You’re worth it!

Thanks for visiting my resume sample list. 

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